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Today’s Laugh

September 13, 2009

I was tipped off to this post at The Daley Gator


Rush to Obama’s Careless Health Plan

September 13, 2009

Heath care speech by the Pres. Obama (long and

laborious)  is right out of play book of the Chicago

Political Bosses & Union’s “You pay we play”

mismanagement team.  Heart surgeon , Rep. Charles

Boustany (La) delivered  a great  Republican response

(short and concise) to Pres. Obama’s state of disunion

heath care debate. Carl Rove on No Spin Zone gave five

point demonstrating  his perspicacious quick wit(

grading  substance D-). Pres. Obama attacks Gov. Palin

’s  description  gov. death panel,corrects numbers of

uninsured  coverage 30 million not 40 million , and

demonizing ins. company execs.. While paying for this

entire debacle by just eliminating waste( Bill O’Reilley

said with what” His Magic Wand” ), what  a joke.