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Good News: Palin to keynote first national tea-party convention

January 8, 2010

Hot Air has the story


McCain-fundraiser-Romney…maybe he is helping Palin

September 27, 2009

Maverick ?? or Hack?? you decide

Hannah Giles defense fund launches

September 24, 2009

hannahHot air has checked it out ,story here

Today’s Laugh

September 24, 2009

Left handed underwear

Quote of the day

September 23, 2009

Quotes from Bill Clinton

  • On Al Gore “I thought he was in Neverland.”
  • On Maureen Dowd “She must live in mortal fear that there’s somebody in the world living a healthy and productive life.”

Southern Wisdom

September 15, 2009

Advice to Joe Wilson and Kanye

I’ve heard (radio personality)Ludlow Porch say
“It is better to die in a fiery crash than be a poor
reflection on your family”

this seems to apply to these two men

Rush to Obama’s Careless Health Plan

September 13, 2009

Heath care speech by the Pres. Obama (long and

laborious)  is right out of play book of the Chicago

Political Bosses & Union’s “You pay we play”

mismanagement team.  Heart surgeon , Rep. Charles

Boustany (La) delivered  a great  Republican response

(short and concise) to Pres. Obama’s state of disunion

heath care debate. Carl Rove on No Spin Zone gave five

point demonstrating  his perspicacious quick wit(

grading  substance D-). Pres. Obama attacks Gov. Palin

’s  description  gov. death panel,corrects numbers of

uninsured  coverage 30 million not 40 million , and

demonizing ins. company execs.. While paying for this

entire debacle by just eliminating waste( Bill O’Reilley

said with what” His Magic Wand” ), what  a joke.